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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of VeF. It was last updated for 3.0.0.

Administrative Advisors

Philosopher.png Philosopher Yearly Prestige +1.00
Natural scientist.png Natural Scientist Production Efficiency +10.0%
Artist.png Painter Points to gain Stability -10.0%
Treasurer.png Treasurer National Tax Modifier +10.0%
Theologian.png Theologian National Unrest -2.00
Master of mint.png Master of Mint Yearly Inflation Reduction +0.10
Inquisitor.png Inquisitor Missionary Strength +1.0%
Architect.png Architect Build Cost -10.0%
Economist.png Economist Build Cost -10.0%
Banker.png Banker Interest per annum -1
Orthodox monk.png Orthodox Monk Missionary Strength +1.0%
Jesuit.png Jesuit Missionary Strength +1.0%
Imam.png Imam Monthly War Exhaustion -0.01
Administrator.png Administrator Core-creation Cost -5.0%

National Tax Modifier -5.0%

Bureaucrat.png Bureaucrat Income from Vassals +25.0%

Monthly Vassal Integration Speed +0.02

Diplomatic Advisors

Statesman.png Statesman Diplomatic Reputation +1
Naval reformer.png Naval Reformer Morale of Navies +10.0%
Trader.png Trader Trade Efficiency +10.0%
Spymaster.png Spymaster Spy Offense +10.0%
Colonial governor.png Colonial Governor Global Tariffs +10.0%
Diplomat.png Diplomat Better Relations over Time +20.0%
Navigator.png Navigator Colonial Range +20.0%
Composer.png Composer Prestige Decay -1.0%
Cartographer.png Cartographer Colonial Range +50.0%

Settler Chance +10.0%

Military Advisors

Army reformer.png Army Reformer Morale of Armies +10.0%
Army organiser.png Army Organiser Land Forcelimit Modifier +10.0%
Commandant.png Commandant Discipline +5.0%
Quartermaster.png Quartermaster Reinforcement Speed +33.0%
Master recruiter.png Master Recruiter National Manpower Modifier +10.0%
Military engineer.png Military Engineer Fort Defense +20.0%
Grand captain.png Grand Captain Land Maintenance Modifier -10.0%