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The in-game encyclopedia and this wiki are your first and best resources for understanding how Veritas Et Fortitudo differs from the vanilla EU experience, but there is a daunting amount of information if you are just getting started. The in-game encyclopedia can be accessed from the decisions menu. These are some key suggestions to point you in the right direction:

  • Keep in mind that a number of push-button functions have been removed (raise stability, lower inflation) in favor of more realistic mechanics
  • Note that policies never cost ADM/DIP/MIL power
  • Understand the Government Values, most importantly governance, how you can increase your current governance and what factors affect your required governance. Take note that it is much easier to manipulate your required governance. Beware of the triggered modifier for inefficient bureaucracy.
  • Understand the functions of states and cores
  • Understand the basics of how Stability is determined
  • In most bookmarks, understand how Forts work ( past 1510 they will function as they do in vanilla EU)
  • If you have or are a Subjects, understand the integration factors and special rules depending on the subject type(s). If not, familiarize yourself with it when it becomes relevant.
  • If you are catholic, understand the ways in which the Papacy system has changed including how crusades work in VeF (if you're playing a muslim nation in the Mediterranean; you way want to familiarize yourself with crusades as well).