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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of VeF. It was last updated for 1.1.3.

This is a list of countries (or nations) that can appear, have appeared, or can be formed. Note that this is a work in progress so this list isn't final.

Countries that exist in 1310

Note: This list isn't exactly accurate.


These countries include from 'Africa' and 'Maghreb'.

Americas (North, Central and South)


These countries include from these areas 'Arabia', 'Asia Minor', 'Central Asia', Japan', 'Far East', 'India', 'Persia' and 'Chinese'.


These countries are included from 'Balkans', 'British Isles', 'Eastern Europe', 'France', 'Holy Roman Empire', 'Iberia', 'Italy', 'Low Countries', 'Russia' and 'Scandinavia'.

Holy Roman Empire

Formable Countries

For more information, see Formable Nations.

Formable Colonial Nations