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Veritas et Fortitudo has a number of features pertaining specifically to the economy and relevant sectors of the game. They are covered in this page.

Dynamic Trade Good Prices

The demand for trade goods is now tied to the existence of other trade goods. As such, a sort of supply chain, constructed from the bottom up, forms based on the availability of goods in the world. Thus, prices for goods is heavily dependent on the availability of their inputs and substitutes. This makes for at least a marginally more sophisicated trading system, and an interesting game in Asia when the European markets open up..

The Agricultural Revolution

This is a portion of the game after 1700 when your country is both advanced enough and in the correct tech group where agricultural growth begins to exceed population growth. As agricultural products begin to flood the market, prices will drop and grains will become less profitable. After a time, however, those countries actually experiencing this boom will also have a drastic increase in their province populations, which will significantly increase demand and lead to..

The Industrial Revolution

This is the last stretch of the game, where the supply of many goods shall skyrocket and prices plunge, all the while increasing production and trade revenue. Countries will scramble to control coal-intensive regions such as Alsace-Lorraine and Upper Silesia to secure supply for their factories, and smaller, less important nations will be swallowed up in the conflict and new nations spawn from the fires of war. As the game draws to a close, it shall be a free-for-all to secure strategic sectors of the map.

Currency Valuation and Inflation

Another feature is that of currency valuation. As it stands, inflation increases both revenues and expenses- realistically eroding savings but also making money incoming from other countries less valuable and relevant. A way to combat this is currency valuation, which is unlocked with the National Bank idea and allows the government to debase and rebase currency, increasing and decreasing it's gold content. The more gold provinces you control, the more flexibility you shall have with minting, melting and basing your currency and ultimately controlling inflation.