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We are deprecating the old method of downloading the development version. Please use the new method:

The development version is available for those who wish to act as testers, or who have a high tolerance for bugs in the game and want the absolute latest updates.

BE WARNED: At any point, your save games may be unplayable, the mod may be unstable and you may experience random crashes!

To get the development version, you first need to get a copy of | BitTorrent Sync

If you have a previous Development version, remove it along with all of it's folders (usually veritas and veritas.mod and potentially a hidden folder called .svn)

Install BTSYnc, and when prompted, enter the following:
Folder: Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV/mod

The mod folder might be slightly different on your machine - it's wherever you currently have the game installed. Do NOT create a new folder - let it sync directly to the mod folder!

Once this is done, BYSync will automatically keep your version up-to-date. To prevent updates, just pause BTSync. The update will take several minutes the first time, but after that, it will only transfer changed files.

The secret key above is a "read only" key.

If you have questions, PM me. I'll post helpful tips/hints if I get a lot of questions.