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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of VeF. It was last updated for Unknown.


Veritas et Fortitudo adds various new policies. Unlike vanilla, policies no longer require monarch points, except for the Fight Inflation policy, but come with their own inherent drawbacks instead. Up to 8 policies can be maintained at one time, with policies being able to be revoked after 10 years.

Policies Requiring No Completed Ideas


Architect's/(Civil/Military) Engineer's Guild
National Manpower Modifier -1%
Auto-builds buildings of corresponding Monarch Power at 105% base cost
Will only auto-build when 200% of base cost is available
Read their respective article to learn about the build order of these policies
Cost ignores inflation and any cost modifier, it also does not use Monarch Power
Level 2 of respective technology

Administrative/Diplomatic/Military Research
National Tax Modifier -5%
Advisor cost +12.5% (for administrative research only)
Diplomatic Upkeep -1 (for diplomatic research only)
Leader without upkeep -1 ( for military research only)
Monthly Corresponding Research Points +0.4*
*Monthly Research Points value is changed by a variety of factors, read the Research article for more information
Not a tribal,nomad, or any variant of horde government
Level 3 of respective technology
Have a selected Idea Group of respective Monarch Power



Increase Stability
Monthly War Exhaustion -0.08
Monthly Province Stability +1.75
Monthly Province Revolt Risk -0.15
National Tax Modifier -10.0%
National Manpower Modifier -10.0%
Production Efficiency -5.0%
Land Forcelimits Modifier -5.0%
Naval Forcelimits Modifier -5.0%
Must be at peace
Must have positive Province Capacity
Less than 3 Stability or at least 1 War Exhaustion

Fight Inflation
Yearly Inflation Reduction -0.25
Interest per annum +5.00
National Tax Modifier -20.0%
Production Efficiency -20.0%
Monthly Admin Monarch Points -1
At least 5 Inflation

Ruler/Heir/Regency Improvement
Grants improvement events for the Ruler/The Heir/Regency, giving stats or traits
National Tax Modifier -1% /-1% /-2%
National Revolt Risk +1% /-1% /+2%
Has a University, for the Heir and Regency variant a seminary will suffice
Theologian, natural scientist, philosopher, orthodox monk, or jesuit advisor.
For the Ruler, he or she must be 16-40 years old and is not insane,an idiot, incompetent, a drunkard, nor bumbling
For the Heir and Regency varient, the heir must be 4-16 years old
Additionally, for the Regency variant a Regency must rule the country
Note:the policy will stay until canceled even if these condition is no longer true, and will benefit the next ruler,heir, and/or regency