Realm Management

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Realm management can be activated through the decision screen on an area basis, and the estate screen on a culture basis (for external cultures) and allows customisation of your realm by setting policies and directives specific to each area within your nation.


  • Autonomy can be set to values of 10, 20, 30, 40, or 60 through Realm Management. All other things being equal, the autonomy of the provinces in the area will drift upward toward this value. It can be used to keep unrest down in remote or unruly areas of the realm.
  • So long as your nation is adequately managed (see Government) your nation will naturally centralize over time but respect the natural minimums below as well as any you have manually set.
  • Deentralisation policy will halt the standard trend of centralization in your nation.
    • Non-accepted culture moves up towards 20%
    • Accepted, non-primary culture moves up towards 10%
    • Majority noble/church ownership with serfdom moves upwards towards 20% and stacks with relevant values for culture
    • Forts exert central authority, removing these minimums.

Taxation and Levies

  • Both can be set to light, normal, or harsh with effects on unrest and trade (taxation) or production (levies).


  • The defenses of the area can be modified or augmented in a number of ways:
    • Like taxes and levies, garrisons can be set to light, normal, or harsh
    • Skirmishers can be hired to harass enemy forces increasing their attrition
    • Supplies can be stockpiled to raise supply limits for your troops

Land Management

There are five ways to change land ownership in your realm. Each estate can own up to 80% of a province.

  • Grant titles

Gives state land to nobles.

  • Sell state land

Gives state land in proportion to who already own land in the province between nobles and citizens. Defaults to citizens if neither nobles nor citizens own land.

  • Sieze nobles' land

Takes away land from nobles.

  • Sieze citizens' land

Takes away land from citizens.

  • Donate land to the church

Gives land to the church.

Side Effects

Changing land ownership gives 0.25 corruption per province per year, and stops if you reach 90 corruption, until you drop back below 90.

In addition, estates don't like their land being siezed from them; siezing land will give a +10 unrest modifier for the provinces having land siezed from them.


  • Changes in serfdom are now controlled in realm management on an area or culture basis.