Submitting Games for Analysis

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If you have having a repeatable crash, we would like to have your save game and logs for analysis. Please do the following:

  • Modify your launch options in Steam to include "-debug". Do this by right-clicking on the EUIV icon in Steam, then selecting 'Properties'. In the Properties screen, click the 'Launch Options' box and add the options without any quotation marks
  • Start the game and wait for the crash
  • Create a compressed archive using 7z, WinRAR, WinZip (on Windows), the archive function on a Mac, or tar (use -z option) on Linux of the following files (found in your Documents Folder, Paradox Interactive, Europa Universalis IV)
    • The entire contents of the 'logs' folder
    • The save game (found in 'save games' folder)
  • Upload the archive file to a file sharing service such as MS One Drive, Google Drive, DropBox, Mega, MediaFire, etc.
  • Send me the link for the uploaded zip/rar/tgz file by PM or post to the bug reporting thread on Steam or the Paradox Forums