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Technology Groups were split up into different groups in Veritas et Fortitudo to resemble history and to add more flavour to regions. Some of those Technology Groups have already been implemented and more will follow. For example the Western Technology Group has been split up into smaller regional Technology Groups which have their own unique units, and Japan and the Polynesian countries have got their own Technology Groups and they also have their own unique units.


  • Eastern
  • Byzantine
  • Western
  • Scandinavian

Asia (not including the Middle East)

  • Nomad
  • Indian
  • Chinese

The following Technology Groups were separated from the Chinese Technology Group:

  • Japanese
  • Polynesian

Middle East

  • Ottoman
  • Muslim
  • Indo-Persian (limited to The Glory of Byzantium scenario)

North & South America

  • North American
  • Mesoamerican
  • South American


  • Sub-Saharan
  • Sudanese
  • Tribal