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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of VeF. It was last updated for 1.1.3.

Veritas et Fortitudo adds many new trade goods. Below is a complete list of all trade goods in Veritas et Fortitudo.

Goods Trading Bonus
Grain Land Forcelimit Modifier +5.0%
Rice Land Forcelimit Modifier +5.0%
Wine Stability Cost Modifier -5.0%
Livestock Cavalry Cost -5.0%
Olive Oil National Manpower Modifier +2.5%
Cloth National Trade Income Modifier +2.5%
Silver Inflation Reduction -5.0%
Lead Monthly War Exhaustion -0.01
Timber Ship Cost -2.5%
Leather Cavalry Combat Ability +2.5%
Salt Legitimacy +0.01
Carmine Yearly Prestige +0.25
Slaves Settler Chance +5.0%
Coffee Trade Efficiency +2.5%
Cloves Trade Power Abroad+2.5%
Maize Land Forcelimit modifier +5.0%
Wax -
Cotton Trade Steering +5.0%
Wool Trade Steering +5.0%
Silk Trade Power Abroad +2.5%
Gold Inflation reduction -10.0%
Gems Diplomatic Reputation +1
Copper Artillery Cost -5.0%
Spices Trade Power Abroad +2.5%
Cinnamon Trade Power Abroad +2.5%
Tea Advisor Cost -10.0%
Ivory Prestige Decay -0.5%
Chinaware Prestige +2.5
Glassware Diplomatic Technology Cost Modifier -10.0%
Millet National Revolt Risk -0.5
Beer Production Efficiency +5.0%
Fish Naval Forcelimit Modifier +5.0%
Palm Oil National Manpower Modifier +2.5%
Hemp Ship Cost -2.5%
Iron Infantry Cost -5.0%
Sandalwood Prestige +0.25
Brazilwood Prestige +0.25
Fur Settler Chance +5.0%
Sugar Naval Morale +5.0%
Cocoa Better Relations Over Time +10.0%
Nutmeg Trade Efficiency +5.0%
Opium Production Efficiency +5.0%
Coal Production Efficiency +5.0%