Version 1.1

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Release Information

Planned Release Date: 2014-03-21
Reason: Feature Release

New Features

  • New Papal Events/Decisions/Missions
  • New Western Unit Order of Battle
  • New Byzantine Unit Order of Battle
  • New Horde Order of Battle
  • New Advisor: Bureaucrat
  • New formable nations including the Angevin empire
  • 140 Stunning Event Images
  • State Marriages - allows republics to enter into marriage relationship
  • New CB types add for various trade goods


  • Updated map with new provinces
  • Completely Revised Trade Nodes and Trade Flow
  • Resources revised for numerous provinces
  • Manpower and Base Tax revised for numerous provinces
  • Romuva now has decision and events to convert to Christianity
  • Fixed forming Persia in historical scenarios; allow conversion to Zoroastrianism
  • If Dauphine is successful in reforming France, culture and capital change is either automatic or by free decision.
  • Updated Protectorate limits to reflect Tech group modifiers
  • Tweaks to techology modifiers (common/technology.txt)
  • Adjust bonuses from Upper Tier Government and Production Buildings
  • Adjust provinces in the Low Countries for historical situation
  • Mission requirements adjusted
  • National Ideas and Idea Group bonuses tweaked for many nations/groups
  • New images for idea groups
  • Imperial Maintenance Levels have been modified to reflect the increased provicne count
  • Can now speed research by spending Ruler Capacity points
  • Major changes to ship strength - transports are now stronger and light ships are now weaker

Bug Fixes

  • Crashing to the Desktop when playing/forming Great Britain
  • Possible CTDs due to Netherlands content
  • Forming Ireland does not move the capital to Dublin
  • Portugal gets a mission to colonize Malabar before it's discovered
  • If the Knights refuse the Kingdom of Jerusalem, they event repeaats endlessly
  • #963 - Problems with Confucian color on some monitors
  • #51 - The Byzantine Trade War CB allows all border provinces not just the target
  • #3 - Justinian Mission CB allows all border provinces to be claimed, not just targets
  • #478 - Review Beloved Heir Dies Event
  • #739 - Tsar power not working correctly or bad localization
  • #1027 - Reformation spread is too fast nearly every game
  • #1024 - The spread of Lutheranism should effectively cease once Enlgand becomes Anglican; English Colonies become Anglican by event
  • A potential run-away amount of revolt capacity could result from low province capacity
  • #1066 - Piety War events refer to Allah
  • #1123 - Fix Sweden/Baltic Area
  • #1152 - SF Decisions do not properly activate/deactivate
  • #1171 - Out of control revolts in Basra (ILK collapse)
  • #1149 - BYZ bonuses from factions are unbalanced
  • #1121 - Scandinavian conquest missions should not apply to allies or good relationships
  • #1079 - Fix Poland starting conditions in 1310
  • #1158 - BYZ should not auto-remove cores in non-GOB scenarios
  • Fix potential CTDs caused by advisors
  • Medici Bank collapse event could fire repeatedly in some circumstances
  • Impossible to hire a military researcher with Naval Idea Group
  • Province Capacity display misleading in some circumstances
  • #1083 - Indian Region Corrections
  • #1060 - UK decision does not fire properly due to requirements
  • #1278 - Incorrect Capital names in North America
  • #1223 - Knights events make no sense in GoB scenario
  • #1346 - Trade League decisions do not disappear when the leagues disappear
  • #1344 - End of Polish Fragmentation could fire multiple times and after Poland moved the capital to Warsaw
  • An event for "Strong Diplomacy" could have no options
  • Pixelation fix for Better Terra Incognita mod
  • Majapahit rebellion not working properly