Version 1.1.2a

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Release Information

Planned Release Date: 2014-04-20
Reason: Patch Release

New Features

  • Ability to form the Roman Empire
  • Kalmar Union/Swedish/Danish/Norwegian Flavor Events
  • Additional music from Satyr Lord


  • Any country with Turkish as primary culture may achive the "Ottoman Empire" government form
  • Formation of Ottoman Empire events expanded
  • Remaned "Forestry" to "Timber" in research decisions for clarity
  • Several Reformation events revised/rewritten
  • Improved clarity of province capacity display
  • Revised 1419 Start province religion (Hussite)
  • Increased Westernization Threshold to deter use (currently broeken)
  • Revised Portugal province values slightly; changed trade goods
  • Restoration of Byzantium event sequence - now adds base tax and manpower to Constantinople
  • The Oppose Imperialism attitude is less likely with good relations
  • Adjusted several opinion modifiers to make actions such as sipporting an ally stronger, goving subsidies weaker, being at war stronger
  • The Han rebellion area was slightly increased to cover all ChiHan provinces
  • The Haseatic League should now only kick traders out of nodes they trade in

Bug Fixes

  • #2395 - There are two provinces in Brazil named "Maranhao"
  • #2379 - Architects do not appear on a regular-enough basis given their importance
  • #2350 - AI will repeatedly take and cede Rome
  • Merchants Upset can fire AFTER Merchants Very Upset
  • The event for an heir's affair with a rival's daughter could fire repeatedly
  • Vlore to Corfu Sea Crossing does not work
  • Pacific Islander tech can not see some of their own territory nor their trade node
  • Dynamic end to the Reformation could come far too early
  • "Navy Neglected" event fires even if you do not have a port
  • Midway units, port, city and combat positions are in the middle of the ocean
  • Vidin is wrongly named
  • Various typographical errors in localisation fixed
  • Yuan is punished inapproriately when releasing Ming in peace
  • After changing government to Imperial Government, the decision is not removed from the decision screen
  • Delhi immediately collapses with no possible way to prevent it due to an error in the history files
  • Missing localisation for several events
  • An event for the new Papacy mechaanic does not set the flags in the proepr scope