Version 1.1.3d

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Release Information

Release Date: 2014-06-15
Reason: Patch Release

Major Features

  • Revised GUI and beautiful new graphics
  • Rebalanced global economy
  • Rebalanced global trade goods/prices/supply demand

Change Log

  • FIxed an issue that would allow ineternal stability to go below 0 (hotfix)
  • Fixed an issue whereby Nez Perce provinces would remain colonies and never convert to cities when captured
  • Fixed an issue whereby provinces of the same culture group could be incorrectly assesses a culture penalty
  • Fixed an issue whereby Highly Unstable and Unstable modifiers could incorrectly be applied to colonies
  • Added temporary decision to reset province stability
  • Fix missing localisation values
  • Fix issue with counting coffeee, sugar and cocoa in Colonial Nations
  • Moved province requirements from 'potential' to 'allow' for clarity of user experience
  • Horde and Anti-Government rebels now disband after enforcing demads
  • Improve Tutorial for new mechanics
  • TerraFerma events should not aply to Italy when formed by Venice
  • Default trade goods increase for a city were set to 1.0 rather than 0.1
  • AI chance for building key buildings increased
  • Adjust prices, supply, demand
  • Update events/revise provinces
  • Fix issues with excommunication and cardinals
  • Balance buildings/ensure consistancy amongst modifiers
  • Balance Imperial Admin values for new economic system
  • Update events for new mechanic
  • Revise trade goods globally
  • Improve Tutorial for new mechanics
  • Graphical improvements
  • Major province overhaul, changed and renamed many, fixed history, adjusted base taxes and manpower
  • Added Erik Magnusson rebellion at 1309/1310 start
  • Added Event chain for Bohuslän in 1309/1310
  • Added Halland as Swedish 1309/1310 based on historical facts, added claims on Skåne and Blekinge
  • Localized names
  • Fixed muslims and ottomans seeing random nordic provinces
  • Update visibility in India &China; balance base tax
  • Fix Ming rebellion; Fix province ownership
  • Remove economy nerfs from Indian and Chinese regions
  • Changed large part of Sweden's Trade Goods, added Great Copper Mountain bonus in Falun
  • Fix tobacco prices
  • Improve Papacy Mechanics
  • Graphical improvements
  • Added localalized province names
  • Added events dynamically changing trade goods in provinces. Adjusted demand modifiers. More starting date trade good changes.
  • Updated trade good spawning events
  • Hordes will now convert to Islam over time.
  • Fix province names for VeF map
  • Additional Horde conversion events
  • Idea Groups that granted stability modifier now increae province stability
  • Added missing opinion modifiers
  • Added localized province names for sicilian culture
  • Added some localized province names for croatian, germanic, hungarian, serbian, romanian and slovene cultures
  • New Timber and Wine icons
  • More trade good changes including new wine provinces in far east
  • Kalisz and Gniezno are now owned by GLO rather than POL and both countries start in war over them in 1310.
  • Yotvings start as a Lithianian vassal.
  • Changed map of Brandenburg, Anhalt, Magdeburg and Pomerania. Fixed some province names and capitals.
  • Remove improper early cores for Algeria
  • Polish TEU_vassalization mission fixed, PLC creation now requires Torun instead of Marienburg, russian_idea colonizer is 2nd bonus once again, PLC name changed back
  • Bug fixes + change PAP attitudes/personalities
  • Updated terrain map and heightmap in Venice and Greece.