Version 1.1.3f

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Release Information

Release Date: 2014-06-29
Reason: Patch Release

Change Log

  • Fixed an issue where the "Bored Generals" event could fire during a defensive war
  • Fix confusing title for Bureaucratic Ideas element "Universities"
  • Adjust bonuses for University buildings
  • Fix confusing event description (HOTFIX)
  • Trade Goods, Province names and Capitals updated
  • Removed all factions and new governments from the integrated scandinavian flavor mod due to conflicts with VEF mechanics.
  • Added Norn and Faroese cultures, added them as accepted by Norway
  • Fixed an issue where priories could not be built
  • Removed Civil and Military Engineers (for new auto-build policy)
  • Adjusted the cost of the "Engineer's Report" event
  • Update several new files in 1.6 to reflect VeF changes
  • Fixed an issue where a malus applied for refusing to return a province to the HRE was hidden
  • Readjusted Swedish starting position
  • Changed some localizations
  • Tweaked the Scandinavian event chain around the Hansa, making it more interactive
  • Add new policies for Auto-Build, Ruler Improvement, Heir Improvement and Regency Improvement
  • Adjust neighbor bonus/cap for technology
  • Add additional option for constructing shore defenses
  • Fix several bugs that could cause events to fire continuously or not fire properly
  • Manpower changes for Japanese provinces
  • New Factions for the Angevin Empire
  • Reduce occurrence of several religious events that could spam large empires with numerous pop-ups per month
  • Remove generals from religious rebels
  • Major VEF policies cost Ruler Capacity Points when run
  • Fix errant cores and capitals in numerous provinces
  • Fix visibility for Ottoman and Muslim tech in the Med
  • Consistency between new province names and events/missions