Version 3.10.1

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Release Information

Early Access: 2019-06-28

Release Date: 2019-07-12


General Changes and Fixes

  • Updated the Black Death to more accurately reflect historical regional population loss values
  • Fixed double-dipping of country and province Black Death modifiers on manpower and tax revenue
  • Adjusted Deportation/Genocide dev loss to be directly proportional instead of rounding to the nearest integer
  • Fixed some issues with starting development


  • Added estate interaction Show Favor to raise loyalty of one of the three main estates at the expense of the other two
  • Reduced influence (10 to 5) from interactions boosting loyalty (Seek Support, Diet, and Monopoly Charters); tradeoff more balanced for scaling loyalty/influence system of uprising
  • New estates for China - governors of the provinces (high autonomy, slows institution growth, but reduces unrest)


  • Tibet now exists at start as a dependency of China
  • Empty provinces in northern Manchuria given to Yeren
  • Cores for united Manchu nation removed at start; cores added for Manchu tribes (Haixi, Janzhou, Korhchin)