Version 3.10.3

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Release Information

Release Date: 2019-12-16


General Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed issues with transferring the crown and appointing alternate heir
  • Rework the Western Schism to adjust influence for Avignon faction and add peace deal option to force religious compliance
  • Added peace option for France to enforce fealty status on French states
  • Made the AI notably smarter about using the Raise Feudal Levies estate interaction
  • Made changes to requirements for missions related to gaining elector's votes
  • Minor adjustments to age abilities
  • Fixed numerous issues with scaling regarding new development values
  • Added a display for your succession type
  • Added a display for the western schism highlighting cardinal locations


  • Subjects forcibly vassalized in war now start as dependencies at 50 progress not suzerainties at 20 progress
  • Subject progress overhauled; now calculates a target resting value and moves towards that
  • Subjects gaining a province no longer results in a large step progress penalty
  • New Factors and Diplomatic action for diplo-vassalization