Version 3.10.5

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Release Information

Release Date: 2020-03-09


General Changes and Fixes

  • Basic fortifications now cheaper to repair
  • Global trade conditions changed to prevent cases where it would never fire
  • Fix Dhofar area not in realm management
  • Fix Lithuanian mission not having a proper title
  • Fix trade company provinces sometimes being stuck with territorial cores
  • Fix an issue where conquered province event might not fire when taking the first provinces in a new state
  • Fix requirements for Mughal Empire so it can be accomplished with the core system
  • Jainism now uses Karma mechanic


  • Refactor manpower/production modifiers to not cripple poor nations
  • Refactor generic missions
  • Properly refactored Natives submod development
  • Further adjust scaling for development cost
  • Fix power projection values for taking provinces from rivals
  • Fix feudal levies being way too large because of the wrong development values


  • Sped up negative growth of integration
  • Fix vassal acceptance calculations
  • Fix autonomous trade company decision not always working properly
  • Swiss confederate integration added to coring exceptions


  • Coal now properly defined and should spawn as a resource as it does in vanilla
  • Fix some Indian provinces having no culture