Version 3.2.1

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Release Information

Release Date: 2016-08-07

Major Changes

  • Removed manual development in favor of a passive growth system. Development cost modifiers will affect development growth rate.
  • The Black Death will now affect base development values, and halt growth at 25%.
  • Added Revolution and Reign of Terror mechanics.


General Changes and Fixes

  • 95 or more Meritocracy will now increase Governance by 20% instead of 25% at 100 Meritocracy.
  • The event options scroll bar should now be more obvious.
  • Ship types should now use the same name in all instances. No more trade ships being called "trade ships" in some places and "light ships" in others.
  • States description now mentions the correct idea groups that increase number of states.
  • Bohemia's elective government now lowers Liberty Desire.
  • HRE vassals of the Emperor after revoking the privilegia will no longer gain progress towards integration.
  • Added the Pragmatic Sanction.
  • Messina is no longer part of the HRE.
  • Fixed government name of Byzantine Empire when made into a march.
  • Sweden's rebels are now a bit more powerful.
  • Sweden's provinces now start garrisoned.
  • Added a Karelian revolt to Novgorod.
  • Added Cuba as a colonial region.
  • Added government names for Ottoman Eyalets and Ethnarchies.
  • Sieging Mecca owned by your muslim vassal no longer triggers siege of Mecca event.
  • Added dynamic province names for Roman Empire.
  • Fixed the unrest modifier from promoting/encouraging cultures not being cleared when promotion/encouragement was stopped.

Events and Disasters

  • The Seat of Power: Event now changes Rome's culture to roman, instead of Neuchatel.
  • The Seat of Power: Changed Stability hit to National Stability.
  • Added event dealing with the abandoning of Greenland.
  • War of the Roses will now end when winning the war against Lancaster/York instead of when winning any war while being at war with Lancaster/York.
  • Various random events that would trigger when winning/losing a war against any country will now require winning/losing a war against the country that made sense.
  • Lowered the prestige gained from Jeu de Paume.
  • All religions that have Patriarchal Authority can now get events that affect it.

Missions and Decisions

  • Byzantium: Recover Southern Italy and Recover Sicily missions should no longer trigger when there is possible target.
  • Acknowledge Scottish Throne: Decision now requires losing a war with Scotland instead of being at war with Scotland while losing any war.
  • Forming Roman Empire now requires the Emperor to be at peace.

Policies and Modifiers

  • Lowered the effect of the Black Death modifiers.
  • Diplomacy focus group line: Increased Diplomatic Relations to 2. Changed Global Manpower Modifier to Manpower Recovery Speed.
  • Warefare focus group line: Changed Global Manpower Modifier to Manpower Recovery Speed. Changed Army/Navy Tradition to Global Manpower/Sailor.
  • Increased diplomatic relations of first Diplomacy specialization policy.
  • Increased effect on spy network construction of second Diplomacy specialization policy.
  • Changed Missionaries modifier of Purity and Tolerance policy groups to Missionary Strength.
  • Advisor cost in Bureaucracy policies changed to state maintenance.


  • Roman Ideas: Changed technology cost to accepted culture threshold.


  • Increased Byzantium's starting Meritocracy.
  • Bologna, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth, Ragusa, and Venice now start with slavery abolished.
  • Achaea: No longer considered a crusader state in starts after 1432. Added ruler in 1453.5.29.
  • Ajuuraan: Starting ruler is now a 4/1/4 instead of 1/3/2. Changed dates of later rulers.
  • Alwa: Changed dates of later rulers.
  • Aquileia: Fixed name of 1350 ruler.
  • Arakan: Changed primary culture to arakanese. Added rulers from 1297 to 1394.
  • Armenia: Changed to Coptic and Eastern technology. Removed rulers (were a copy of Cilicia's).
  • Akan States: Changed starting ruler to Nyagse. Changed dates of later rulers. Added rulers from 1804 to 1837.
  • Assam: Added rulers from 1293 to 1389.
  • Athens: Set fixed capital to Athens. Changed starting dynasty from "Brienne" to "de Brienne". Added starting heir. Changed primary culture after 1312 to catalan. No longer considered a crusader states in starts after 1312. Fixed Acciaioli dynasty. Culture becomes tuscan with Acciaioli dynasty.
  • Aceh: Changed to Iqta. Added starting ruler.
  • Augsburg: No longer historical friends with Bavaria and Austria. Set fixed capital to Augsburg.
  • Ava: Added rulers from 1297 to 1364.
  • Avignon: No longer starts with mercantilism. Set fixed capital to Avignon.
  • Aydin: Changed to Despotic Monarchy.
  • Ayutthaya: Added rulers from 1309 to 1388. Fixed spelling of Sukhothai dynasty. Added rulers from 1824 to 1853.
  • Aztecs: Fixed monarch name of Axayacatl.
  • Arakan and Sandoway provinces are now arakanese culture.
  • Added starting rulers for: Sardinia, Padua, Hohenlohe, Neuchatel, East Frisia, Bremen Verden, Korea, Kaliz, Turov-Pinsk, Chernigov, Smolensk, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Uglich, Kostroma, Galich, Beloozersk, Ustyug, Livonia, Jaisalmer, Marwar, Mewar, Dhundhar, Nepal, Kangra, Kashmir, Kochin, Kachar, Dawaro, Makuria, Kanem, Inca, Hejaz, Najd, Vientiane, Dai Viet, Lanna, Taungu, Bali, Makassar, Bologna, Chagatai, Frankfurt, Kedah, Karvuna, Novgorod Seversk, Oman, Pattani, Pegu, Polotsk, Songhai, Yotvings.
  • Adal: Moved rulers one over.
  • Yemen: Tweaked early ruler names.
  • Afghanistan: Added rulers from 1823 to 1865.
  • Albania: Added rulers from 1348 until the League of Lezhe.
  • Algiers: No longer has a ruler named "French Governor".
  • Al Haasa: Added rulers for the Jarwanid period.
  • Changed Karamanli dynasty to uniform Karamanoglu dynasty.
  • Anhalt: Cleaned up the ruler transition between Vef and Vanilla periods.
  • Nuremberg: Set fixed capital to Nurnberg. No longer starts with a ruler named "Stadtrat". Starts with higher mercantilism.
  • Chur: Added rulers until 1420.
  • Nri: Added rulers until 1795.
  • Orleans: Changed to County until 1344. Added starting ruler.
  • Ragusa: No longer starts with a ruler named "Vijece".
  • St Gallen: Changed to Theocracy. Added proper rulers from 1301 to 1504. Changed government rank to 1 (Abbey level). Removed starting mercantilism.
  • Viatka: Changed to Merchant Republic.
  • Berry now starts as a union junior of France instead of a vassal, until 1360. Culture changed to Francien.
  • Tekke now starts as a union junior of Hamid instead of a vassal, until 1321.
  • Ajmer now starts owned by Mewar instead of Mewat.
  • Expanded Dheli's 1309 holdings further east.
  • Varanasi is now a religious center.
  • Renamed Allahabad to Lower Doab.
  • Fixed location of starting Jaunpur cores.
  • Renamed Karashar to Bahreich.
  • Adjusted culture in some Central India provinces.
  • Glory of Byzantium: Fixed culture of Neobatia.
  • Glory of Byzantium: Byzantium now has a core in Limnos.
  • Baden: Made the ruling line more consistent. Added starting heir. Added rulers past 1830.
  • Bahmanis: Changed to Shiite Iqta. Various adjustments to the rulers.
  • Baluchistan: Changed to Tribal Kingdom. Added 1817 ruler.
  • Banten: Changed to Javanese Sunni Despotic Monarchy.
  • Bar: Added heirs. Becomes duchy in 1354 instead of 1352. Adjusted monarch numerals.
  • Basel: Set fixed capital. Changed to Theocracy.
  • Bavaria: Added religious league to history. Added rulers past 1806.
  • Baroda: Set fixed capital. Fixed capital location. Added rulers past 1818.
  • Brunei: Stops being historical friend with Majapahit when changing to sultanate.
  • Belgium: Changed dynasty name. Added 1835 heir.
  • Benin: Added rulers before 1397. Added rulers past 1818. Changed dynasty to Eweka.
  • Natives sub-mod: Changed Betsimisaraka to rank 2 Tribal Kindom. Changed its color, ideas, monarch, and leader names. Added ship names.
  • Iceland: Changed ship names. Changed ideas.
  • Roman Empire/Republic is no longer a copy of Tuscany.
  • Sienna no longer starts with a ruler named "Sienese Republic".