Version 3.2.2

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Release Information

Release Date: 2016-09-04


General Changes and Fixes

  • Renamed the Development Cost modifiers to Development Time.
  • It is now possible to build Basic Fortifications in provinces that used to have a starting influencing fort.
  • Passive development growth is now more random.
  • It is now possible to manually increase tax and production development in provinces with majority crown ownership or in the capital, up to a max of 20 each.
  • Slowed down the passive development growth in provinces with majority crown ownership.
  • Manual development button tooltips will now mention if development cannot be manually increased, and why.
  • Fixed bug where the long term vassal diplomatic slot bonus would remain active even if you no longer had any vassals.
  • Fixed bug where union juniors would not provide the stability bonus and long term vassal diplomatic slot bonus.


  • Losing the Roman Empire war now properly removes all claims.
  • Fixed Reign of Terror modifiers not being removed properly.
  • Added a Swedish event.
  • Expand the Bureaucracy choice event now mentions the effects of the options.
  • The gradual Meritocracy increase from expanding the bureaucracy will no longer go over 100, and will now affect governance immediately.
  • Added option for Yuan to forsake their Mongol heritage during their collapse.
  • Cristobal Colon and New World Discovered events can no longer occur in start dates after they wouldn't make sense.
  • War against Bohemia when they break free is now a war to restore the personal union instead of a no CB war.


  • Vassal Integration display decision now tells the Holy Roman Emperor that their HRE vassals after Privilegia won't integrate normally.
  • Vassal Integration display decision now mentions that Nomad vassals are unable to integrate.
  • Vassal Integraton display decision now warns about integration being halted due to Liberty Desire.
  • Glory of Byzantium: The AI can now form the "fantasy" formable nations.


  • Sales of Office policy is now visible from the start.


  • Added Ideas for Catalonia.


  • Added Novgorod core in Novgorod.
  • Anhalt: Removed historical friendship with Brandenburg when Brandenburg stops being Askanier dynasty.
  • Bhutan: Changed religion to Vajrayana. Added 1830+ rulers.
  • Bijapur: Set fixed capital. Changed to Iqta.
  • Bali: Increased starting ruler stats. Added rulers until they fall to Majapahit. Removed rulers that were a copy of Majapahit's.
  • Bundelkhand: Changed to rank 2. Changed earlier rulers to Malikzadas of Kalpi, and Iqta Sunni based on Kalpi. Changes back to Hindu Hereditary Monarchy based on Bundelkhand in 1479. Added rulers for 1817+.
  • Bengal: Changed to Iqta. Removed starting Deva Bengal/Hinduism history that takes place before 1309.
  • Bohemia: Added Upper Saxon as accepted culture in 1319. Added birth dates for later rulers. Added join/leave league effects.
  • Bosnia: Added government rank changes in later dates. Added ruler birth dates to later rulers. Historical Friend with Serbia in 1443.
  • Bourbonnais: Set fixed capital. Added ruler birth dates. Added later heirs.
  • Brandenburg: Set government rank to 2. Added Upper Saxon as accepted culture. Removed starting mercantilism. Removed historical friendship with Anhalt when they stop being Askanier. Added ruler birth dates. Added league effects.
  • Brabant: Changed culture to flemish. Changed capital to Brabant. Increased claim of starting heir. Added ruler birth dates. Localized ruler names (e.g. Jean instead of John). Added 1322 heir. Fixed ruler numbering in country file.
  • Natives sub-mod: Set North American natives to government rank 1.
  • Auvergne: Added heir and ruler birth dates.
  • Bremen Verden: Set fixed capital. Added earlier rulers. Added birth dates. Added league effects.
  • Brittany: Localized ruler names (e.g. Artur instead of Arthur). Lowered starting heir claim to standard 95. Added more heirs. Added ruler birth dates.
  • Berar: Changed to Sunni Iqta. Fixed capital location.
  • Brunswick: Changed to Duchy rank. Added starting heir. Added earlier heirs. Added league effects. Added later ruler birth dates.
  • Brazil: Fixed capital location. Added Pedro II as heir.
  • Bastar: Changed to rank 1 Tribal Kingdom. Set fixed capital. Changed culture to Gondi. Added first ruler.
  • Bulgaria: Lowered starting ruler's stats. Added starting heir. Adjusted later rulers.
  • Burgundy: Localized earlier ruler names (e.g. Hughes instead of Hugh). Added later ruler birth dates.
  • Byzantium: Historical rivalry with Osman is now mutual. Lowered first heir claim to standard 95.
  • Beloozersk: Set fixed capital.
  • Bastar province: Changed culture to Gondi. Adjusted history.
  • Castile: Adjusted monarch numbering. Added 1311 heir. Removed "the Cruel" from Pedro I's name. Added birth dates for later rulers. Removed some 1499 and 1506 explorer.
  • Chobanids: Moved capital to Tabriz. Added rulers.
  • Corfu: Changed to Western tech. Set fixed capital.
  • Ceylon: Changed to hereditary monarchy. Changed dynasty to Savulu.
  • Chagatai: Added rulers.
  • Champassak: Added rulers past 1819.
  • Chile: Added rulers past 1823.
  • Champagne: Set fixed capital.
  • Chernigov: Set fixed capital. Added rulers.
  • Chur: Removed starting mercantilism. Changed to rank 2 Theocracy.
  • Cilicia: Added starting heir. Changed ruler names to localized version (e.g. Gosdantin instead of Constantine). Adjusted historical rulers.
  • Chola: Lowered starting heir claim to standard 95.
  • Colima: Fixed encoding.
  • Candar: Changed to despotic monarchy. Added early interregnum. Added 1339 and 1383 rulers. Added later ruler birth dates.
  • Colombia: Added rulers past 1821.
  • Corsica: Changed capital to Gallura.
  • Cordoba: Set fixed capital.
  • Crimea: Added ruler birth dates.
  • Cornwall: Removed excessive amount of new lines.
  • Crete: Set fixed capital. Changed accepted culture from Lombard to Venetian.
  • Carinthia: Changed starting ruler's name to German Heinrich from Czech Jindrich.
  • Cyprus: Set fixed capital. Localized ruler names (e.g. Henri instead of Henry). Changed starting heir claim to standard 95. Adjusted historical rulers. Added ruler birth dates. Added heirs.
  • Zhou: Lowered government rank to 2.
  • Pervane: Removed starting mercantilism. Changed dynasty to Pervaneoglu.
  • Added Catalonia. Set as primary tag for Catalan culture.
  • Added Catalaonia cores to Catalan culture provinces.
  • Added Leonese culture. Set Leon as primary tag for Leonese culture.
  • Changed various provinces in Iberia to Leonese culture.