Version 3.2.3

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Release Information

Release Date: 2016-10-14


General Changes and Fixes

  • Reworked the Venetian Arsenal. It is now a building that replaces the Shipyard and Grand Shipyard, and can be expanded via decision. Modifiers have been adjusted. Occupation of Venice no longer guarantees the Arsenal will be damaged. Anyone can construct the third Arsenal expansion, but only Venice or a Venice-formed Italy can expand it past that.
  • Reworked the Venetian-Genoese Trade War mechanic.
  • Replaced Navarra with Venice as an Interesting Country.
  • Changed the ordering of Interesting Countries.
  • Venice will no longer get 1 free stability when they get a new Doge.
  • Union juniors can no longer abdicate the ruler.
  • Added some Normal or Historical setup restrictions in some places that were missing them.
  • Standardized "Tour-du-Pin" dynasty to "de la Tour-du-Pin".
  • Liberty Building changes should now be properly accounting for cultural unions.
  • Added Naval Forcelimits and Naval Maintenance triggered modifiers to the Knights that gets smaller as they grow.


  • Kipchak will no longer declare war on Venice or Genoa for their trade posts.


  • Heir dying during regency event should no longer trigger when the heir is killed as part of a ruler overthrow.
  • Heir dying during regency event should only trigger for monarchies.
  • Netherland's event to get the Dutch Republic government can no longer trigger during a regency.
  • Non-Poland/PLC Elective Monarchies will no longer get the Pacta Conventa events.
  • Added some early-game events for Delhi.
  • Province Conquered event now displays the current burden on Bureaucracy of the province.
  • Added some early-game events for Norway.

Missions and Decisions

  • Fixed potential issue with English trade missions that could arise if both England and Great Britain existed at the same time.
  • Nomad decision to reform government now visible when they being reforming.
  • Government stats display decision is now higher in the decision panel.
  • Decision to build a Jeu de paume hall will no longer be visible if boycotting.
  • GoB: Fixed some Byzantine missions tartgetting the wrong provinces.


  • Knights: Lowered traditions to 50% Naval Forcelimits and -10% Naval Maintenance.


  • Venice now starts with ownership of Azov.
  • Norway no longer starts with a core in Bohuslan. They get it later via event.
  • Adal: Removed historical rivalry with Ethiopia.
  • Dahomey/Fon States: Added rulers for 1440+.
  • Dai Viet: Adjusted starting ruler. Added starting heir. Added rulers from 1314 to 1396. Fixed Loi and Duy Phuong's dynasty.
  • Denmark: Removed historical friendship with Oldenburg. Localized ruler names. Fixed Valdemar III's name. Margaret is now female. Added birt dates for later rulers. Added league effects. Added 1839+ history. Adjusted historical monarch names.
  • Dauphine: Adjusted historical ruler names. Localized ruler names. Added starting heir.
  • Dawaro: Changed to Sunni. Removed historical rivalries.
  • Deccan: Changed to Iqta. Added 1829+ history.
  • Dhundhar: Lowered government rank to 2. Set fixed capital. Added 1317 and 1365 rulers. FIxed 1427 heir name. Added 1835 ruler.
  • Djenne: Changed to Tribal Kingdom. Removed extra Trore from starting ruler. Added 1444+ history.
  • Delhi: Changed to Iqta. Set fixed capital. Adjusted Ala-ud-din's stats. Added starting general. Adjusted 1346 to 1434 history.
  • Dali: Lowered starting heir claim to standard 95.
  • Danzig: Lowered government rank to 1. Changed starting mercantilism to 25. Removed Polish culture acceptance.
  • Date: Renamed starting ruler.
  • Dulkadir: Changed to despotic monarchy. Adjusted rulers.
  • East Frisia: Renamed starting ruler. Adjusted rulers.
  • Egypt: Removed historical rivalry with Mamluks.
  • England: Added starting mercantilism. Filled in rulers between Henry III and Edward II. Removed Norman culture acceptance until Treaty of Troyes.
  • Epirus: Adjusted historical monarchs. Changed to Despotic Monarchy. Adjusted rulers.
  • Eshref: Adjusted 1320 ruler.
  • Ethiopia: Changed to Empire. Removed historical rivalries and friendships. Adjusted starting ruler's stats. Added starting heir. Adjusted 1314+ history. Added 1821+ history.
  • Etruria: Changed primary culture to Tuscan.
  • Lubeck: Changed to rank 1.
  • Cherbourg/Caen/Caux: Adjusted Treaty of Troyes to correct date.
  • Gidayo/Dawaro/Baale/Hargaya/Arbabni/Hadiya/Shewa/Kambaata: Changed to Sunni.
  • Hargaya/Shewa: Given to Adal.
  • Hadiya/Kambaata: Given to Dawaro.
  • Small adjustments to the borders of Shewa.
  • Ferrara: Set fixed capital. Added 1335 and 1383 heirs. Added later ruler birth dates. Adjusted historical monarchs.
  • Finland: Changed capital to Helsinki.
  • Flanders: Localized ruler names and dynasty. Adjusted starting heir. Adjusted her claims to standard 95. Adjusted historical monarchs.
  • Florence: Set starting mercantilism. Removed Lombard culture acceptance. Changed starting ruler. Changed "degli Albizzi" part of names to dynasty. Added later ruler birth dates. Adjusted name of later rulers.