Version 3.4

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-05-21

Major Changes

  • Updated for EU4 1.20 and 1.21
  • NOTE: Vintage Map mod has not been updated.
  • 1337 Bookmark available
  • Vassal system overhauled; different levels of integration now result in different modifiers, interactions, and abilities for subjects
  • Ages mechanic available to those with Mandate of Heaven DLC including additional "Late Medieval Age"
  • Hanseatic League mechanics from VeF 2 restored.


General Changes and Fixes

  • Changes to stability:
    • Negative stability is now less damaging to stability growth (prevent feedback loop that locks you into negative stability)
    • Stronger bonuses to push you up if below +1 stability (help offset growth penalty)
    • Each province acquired causes a stability hit (depending on government type) to prevent nations permanently sitting at +3 while doubling/tripling/Xing in size
    • Catholic nations now gain stability based on church lands and relations with the Pope (e.g. if the church owns 20% of your lands you only gain 80% of the normal stability growth you otherwise would and some/all/none of the other 20% based on your relations with the Pope)
  • Lower accepted cultures from high-level tolerance policy (3 was too many; now 1)
  • Adopt special daimyo subject types in place of the old Japanese mechanics
  • Malta is no longer required to unite Sicily (difficult to achieve if the Knights fled there first)
  • Idea groups graphic adjusted for 3.3 technology level changes (tech level requirements are now displayed properly)
  • Special subject type for Hejaz
  • Special subject type for French vassals (Fealties)
  • Special subject type for Papal-controlled Romagna States
  • Significant changes to vassal integration factors; in-game encyclopedia updated
  • Number of Provinces now reduces devotion for nations that use it; forces Archbishoprics to secularise if they grow large
  • Significantly speed up culture conversion (to a meaningful value)
  • Forced culture conversion options via Realm Management (at the expense of province development)


  • Blockades cause some devastation (1/2 that from a siege)


  • Remove several events relying on broken war_score_against trigger

Missions and Decisions

  • Fix an issue where BYZ could take a mission they already met the completion requirements of


  • Reduce number of accepted cultures from tech by 1 in the late game
  • Fixed info graphic for idea groups to have appropriate tech levels (from change in 3.3)


  • Adjust values for standing armies and drafted armies to balance them out; previously standing armies was clearly superior.


  • 1337 Bookmark
  • Japan now starts with more noble land ownership
  • Define dynasties for republican rulers at start (could result in consorts with no dynasty for other nations)
  • Hungarian setup at start adjusted; Hungarian minors are now vassals on the verge of rebellion vice independent nations