Version 3.4.2

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-05-22

Major Changes

  • Bug Fix release for numerous critical fixes and adjustments



  • Fix a missing limit that let the whole word make tributaries
  • Decision to publish Mercator Atlas now requires Mercator not Raphael
  • Armagnac now properly handled in the events for the rebellion of the Dauphin of France
  • Fix a number of localization errors
  • French Fealties are now actually able to be integrated after the English are driven from France
  • Daimyos can now properly fight the Shogun and become Shogun if capturing Kyoto
  • Culture of Ugo is now Japanese
  • Scutage interaction no longer available for Suzerainties (they don't commit troops to you so it makes no sense to get more money for exempting them from service)
  • No stability penalty for wars with subjects
  • Optimise/Fix some triggered modifiers for the schism
  • Fix a major bug where colonial nations were turned to Suzerainties
  • Byzantines do not lose stability for claiming Greek Orthodox core provinces.