Version 3.4.3

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-06-03


General Changes and Fixes

  • Major crash addressed; was caused by subjects having their own subjects in certain cases.
  • Remove obsolete diplomatic action restrictions for Daimyos
  • Significant cleanup to localisation
  • Colonies should no longer penalise stability when they become cities
  • Forming Spain diplomatically no longer results in a massive stability penalty
  • Fixed inconsistent Zoroastrian religious group name (now always referred to as dualism)
  • Removed some events/disasters that were never used (but the files hung around taking up space)
  • Updated the vassal integration display decision
  • Fixed a bad limit that prevented Marches from being designated
  • Host of minor code errors eliminated


  • Fixed a missing flag for overlords of certain subject types; could result in not receiving stability back when declaring war.
  • Subjects now wait until the war is over to change status (prevent white-peacing of the subject)
  • Stability restored for war with subject/overlord now based on liberty desire (+1 for each 25% up to +3)


  • Fix the Venetian Arsenale events (missing commands)

Missions and Decisions

  • Fixed Bohemian Crown decisions (using outdated triggers that did not always work)
  • Remove some defunct organization decisions; optimized the remaining ones
  • Decision to form Japan now actually checks for the correct government type (shogunate)


  • Fixed a series of historical/code issues with Hungary setup in both 1309 and 1337.
  • Added the Margraivate of Saluzzo; ongoing succession war added to the 1337 bookmark
  • Granada is now a special tributary of Castile
  • Scandinavian historical rulers/consorts/heirs updated
  • Historical rulers/consorts/heirs updated for papal states
  • papal states are no longer historical rivals to the Pope