Version 3.5

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-06-16


General Changes and Fixes

  • Stability penalty for conquered provinces completely overhauled (in-game encyclopedia has the details)
  • Crash on reloading certain saves addressed by updating to PDX version 1.22
  • Confucianism is now in the eastern religion group
  • Devastation now causes significant development cost/time and unrest penalties
  • Added icons and metropolitans for those with Third Rome
  • Fix broken unit positions in Korea
  • Optimise triggered modifiers/ remove some defunct modifiers


  • Fixed an improper flag that prevented French fealties from being integrated
  • Subjects of hordes will no longer revolt at random by event
  • Client states no longer subject to special integration mechanics of VeF
  • Diplomatic option to free suzerainties (AI will never take)
  • Removed restrictions that prevented supporting the independence of Personal Unions

Realm Management

  • Land disposition events now effect three provinces per pulse instead of one (should drastically reduce the time it takes for those realm management choices to be effective)
  • Taxes/Levies choices now affect development cost/time
  • Putting a culture to the sword now adds devastation to the province


  • Event from the Invade Silesia decision now displays proper options
  • Incorrect display for new province bureaucracy burden removed
  • Empire of China disasters now correctly lower Mandate instead of HRE Imperial Authority
  • Ming rebellion option to forsake Mongol heritage doesn't take all your cores away in China now
  • European Diseases should now do more appreciable damage to development of American Natives


  • Yadava dynasty in central India in 1309
  • Hanseatic League leader suffers greater AE for expansion
  • Korea starts as a tributary of Yuan