Version 3.5.1

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-07-02


General Changes and Fixes

  • Performance improvements to building triggers
  • May now enforce peace on most subject types
  • Integrated Third Rome Russian flavour including Siberian frontier mechanics
  • Vintage map mod is available again


  • French Fealties now treated properly in the Hundred Years War events
  • New Russian Prince and Russian Grand Prince subject types and related events

Realm Management

  • Fixed an error where noble land was never seized if Nobles 80 was present in enough provinces


  • Speed up development growth in Constantinople if the Byzantine Decline modifier is successfully removed
  • Natural Harbours and Centres of Trade will now boost development growth


  • Added a natural harbour to Cork
  • Copper is now a possible resource for Hansa Kontors
  • Isle of Mann no longer has a basic fort
  • Proper monarchs for the Jalyrids in 1337
  • Most russian nations are now tributaries to the Horde or to Moscow in 1309 and 1337.