Version 3.5.2

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-07-15


General Changes and Fixes

  • Performance improvements to CB triggers


  • Fixed the missing graphics buttons for the special Russian government interactions
  • Adjusted shaders on the Vintage Map submod
  • Fixed the maladjusted title text in the outliner.


  • Fixed an issue where Silesia would transfer to Bohemia's overlord at the next election
  • Horde Enforcer can now institute vassalage of other Russian states (event appears when at war and >80 warscore)
  • Horde Enforcer may get an event now to purchase an OPM Russian tribute state with whom they have a state marriage.
  • Fixed an issue where a March could be designated too early resulting in mechanic problems with relations and prestige

Realm Management

  • Fixed an issue where a max of only two province disposition events would fire at the end of a war (should now fire for all non-core conquered provinces)


  • Conquer Novgorod mission for Muscovy now gives permanent claims instead of claims


  • Bwloozorsk, Ustyug, Viatka, Uglich, and Perm now properly identified as Russian tributaries