Version 3.5.3

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-08-05


General Changes and Fixes

  • Byzantine Decline and Rise of the Ottomans/Turks modifiers will now expire over time if the nations don't fall/expand
  • Adjusted the penalties of the Black Death; any development loss will be offset by adding growth progress (so that when the development growth starts those provinces will recover faster).
  • Seat in Parliament can now only be given to your culture group (still must be primary or accepted culture)
  • Fix Scandinavian units (sailor cost on light ships and localization for tech 21 infantry)


  • Internal Conflicts now only requires 0 stability to end (vice 1) and some event choices from the disaster will boost national stability.
  • Internal Conflicts now spawns nationalist rebels; stability restored to the realm if nationalists spin off independent nation
  • Fixed the old Mandate of Heaven disaster to no longer effect those with the DLC


  • Fix an error that allowed the stability return from Liberty Desire to be realized against that nation after you/they were free
  • Message that a republic will never accept diplomatic vassalage now prioritized over the message that +190 relations are required.
  • Suzerainties can no longer ally with independent nations; their independence can still be supported (this was to address some buggy effects of allies during independence wars and also balance in the Suzerainties had a huge advantage over other subjects when they could bring outside allies).

Realm Management

  • Fix an error where a colony could end up with multiple ownership buildings of the same type
  • Can now see the development progress of each province in an area by consulting the area in Realm Management events


  • Forming the Roman Empire or Roman Republic no longer changes your culture to Roman; you'll keep your existing primary and accepted cultures
  • Removed the Civil War in Novgorod event which fired after Muscovy was often defeated but referenced them as a cause
  • Fix a potential loop where the Knights would be forced to constantly elect new grandmasters


  • Fixed the 1309 position of East Africa: expand Ethiopia to their historical holdings and make Adal (sultanate of Ifat) a rebellious suzerainty.
  • Basic Forts in Anatolia protected from destruction in the initial 1309 BYZ/OSM war (could lead to a scenario where both were destroyed meaning OSM couldn't demand the provinces in peace).
  • New events in the 1337 start for the 1343 succession disputes in Naples