Version 3.5.4

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-09-10


General Changes and Fixes

  • Adjust scaling manual development cost upward to limit capitals maxing out late game
  • Adjust cost and effect of Placate Rulers action (15 prestige for 5 LD)
  • Trade Wars now has a clear display event for the factors affecting victory
  • Changed the technology requirements for Exploration and added events for early Spanish and Portuguese exploration


  • Several adjustments to ultimately fix French Fealties not shifting to normal subject integration
  • Dynastic event for Personal Unions to swap in the event the union senior becomes too weak
  • Fixed an issue where Client States could never be annexed


  • Numerous events for the Castilian Civil War and Trastamera dynasty.
  • Genocide will no longer drive displaced people to your subjects (where they're likely to just die later)
  • Change localisation in Crusades events to make it clearer which provinces are being targeted
  • Opinion to discourage the AI from reconquering the knights after granting them a new home
  • Republics can no longer seek investiture for Papal Influence


  • Addition of 1370 'Rise of Muscovy' bookmark
  • Proper Trade Wars values throughout the game progression up to 1400
  • Provence added to 1337 Saluzzo succession war
  • Further subject adjustments in East Africa; Adal and Dawaro now subject to Ethiopia for longer