Version 3.5.5

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-10-01


General Changes and Fixes

  • Ideas graphic fixed to properly reflect changes to Exploration Ideas
  • Adjust forcelimit downwards to bring it more in line with costs
  • Fix Russian idea Siberian Frontier for consistency across all nations who have it (now uses frontier mechanics)


  • Adjust which subjects may have their own subjects to allow Burgundy to properly receive it's Personal Unions from the events for the Low Countries
  • Romagna States will now fight (only) defensive wars for the Pope; will be converted to regular subject progression of their overlord changes.
  • Can no longer offer tributary status to a nation you are guaranteeing; there is a PDX issue where the guarantee is not removed when they accept leaving the player locked into the guarantee (which takes a diplomatic relations slot) with no way to remove it.


  • Move the capital event when forming Spain now gives more options for where to locate it (Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla, Barcelona, Castile)
  • Complete overhaul of Burgundian Inheritance events including preference for shared dynasties
  • Complete overhaul of Dutch Revolt events; nations that agree to ally the new Dutch state will now actually be involved in it's independence war and also cleaned up the events for efficiency and changed their claims on other Low Countries provinces to permanent claims
  • No longer receive a mission to form an alliance with your own tributary
  • Celestial Empire will not change government when forming a new nation (most notably Mughal Empire).


  • Adjusted Kinai and Kansai areas in central Japan; there is no longer a one-province area.
  • Fix two provinces in Manchuria that were discovered by India and Byzantium at start instead of Chinese