Version 3.6

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-11-19


General Changes and Fixes

  • Compatibility with 1.23 and Cradle of Civilization DLC
  • Adjustments to reinforcement rate and costs (slower rate and lower the cost) in an attempt to give the defender some advantage on their home field but without bankrupting the attacker
  • Make use of the new development cost modifier that is Common-Sense only to address balance issues for those without the DLC
  • Development cost modifiers in national ideas now affect development growth events
  • Reduced Imperial Authority from free cities and number of princes (AI was forming the HRE way too frequently)
  • Performance enhancements by limiting some cyclic maintenance operations to relevant provinces and reducing resource-based triggered modifiers to a five-year cycle check
  • Modifiers for each age to add general adjustments and help counteract the effects of late-game development growth
  • Rise of the Ottomans is significantly nerfed for humans; they get a lesser bonus and only up to 8 cities
  • Limited startup text currently available; more to follow


  • Expand the Bureaucracy policy is obsolete; replaced with alternative policies which do not affect governance
  • Governance is now based on administrative technology level instead of a general variable
  • Inefficient Bureaucracy now increases autonomy at the edge of the realm first (provinces are internally calculated into layered rings) then moves inward
  • Corruption is no longer reduced by spending gold; instead it reaches an equilibrium based on modifiers including the current age. Sources of corruption have been adjusted extensively
  • Meritocracy gain and limits based on corruption level
  • Meritocracy modifiers now move in smaller stages to minimize the jumps in discipline modifier between levels
  • AI nomads now get help building their capital (unlike a human, it doesn't know how to reform) which will allow nomads who should be reforming to meet the requirements to do so


  • Hanseatic League now uses diplomatic actions to join/leave/invite/expel instead of decisions
  • Diplomatic action for colonizers to displace migratory native nations with a colony; European nations can no longer declare war on these nations (but your colonies can)
  • Pope can now offer the Virtus Post Solium benefits via diplomatic action
  • Annul marriage diplomatic action available
  • New diplomatic action to bring together the Swiss cantons diplomatically


  • Fix an issue where Hedjaz would revert to a normal vassal but never integrate
  • If your subject forms a new nation no longer reset the integration progress
  • If a union senior shrinks sufficiently the primary crown may switch
  • Ethnarchies now confer lower liberty desire in exchange for slower integration
  • Speeding up integration no longer costs extra MP but does raise corruption for overlord and subject
  • New Swiss Confederate subject type


  • Rise of Timur should now properly deal with Chagtai as a vassal state to Timur
  • Generals bored event can no longer fire if you have any war exhaustion or overextension
  • Stricter limits on pragmatic sanction (higher imperial influence, legitimacy, and heir claim)
  • Fix some event localizations caused by conflict with vanilla

Realm Managment and Government

  • More finesse is given to land disposition options; you can now choose to reduce/raise the particular type of ownership by a set amount or to a set level (reduce all noble ownership by 1 level; donate church land until they own 40% in all provinces in the area)
  • The people being exterminated or deported through the culture options now have a chance to spawn rebels and resist
  • Addressed some edge cases where you could end up with duplicate nobility buildings
  • Theocratic governments will change if a country changes religion as appropriate (no more protestant archbishops)
  • Fixed an error where the Knights could constantly spawn new rulers when the first one died


  • Reduce the amount of Romuva provinces (Kurland and Wenden) in the Livonian order for balance and gameplay (the AI seemed incapable of remaining Catholic)
  • Fix an issue where dynamic province names put the Bahamas in the middle of Bohemia
  • Adjust the starting autonomy in Yuan based on distance from the capital
  • Move slovak culture to the more appropriate west slavic culture group
  • Change the government of Bohemia from 1353 so they don't immediately lose the emperorship
  • Fix the starting institutions in Fantasia submod and allow them to instantly spread to all capitals when started (for balance)
  • Make Aydin and Karesi dislike Osman so the AI will stop getting trapped on the Aegean islands
  • Saxon is now an accepted culture for Mecklenburg
  • Byzantium no longer starts with War Exhaustion in Fantasia submod
  • New bookmark for the Red Turban Rebellion in China (1356)
  • Lots of history added up to 1444; an issue with Bohemia and the Hussites regarding religious conflict in the HRE meant the bookmarks didn't make the release
  • Lots of natives added to the Native submod
  • Flags now properly set in Toledo history file to allow the Castilian civil war events to work properly