Version 3.6.1

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Release Information

Release Date: 2017-12-12


General Changes and Fixes

  • Compatible with vanilla 1.24
  • Byzantine decline now requires fewer provinces to get out of
  • Fixed a major issue where the startup routine could repeat itself when loading a save
  • Raised max attrition in a land province to 7
  • Reducing corruption using muslim piety now reduces corruption by 10 instead of 2
  • Chinaware now gives bonus to any government; not just legitimacy to monarchies


  • Imam now gives more meaningful war exhaustion bonus
  • Added Chief Inspector advisor who reduces corruption


  • Adjusted Turkish ideas to reduce stacking of siege bonus modifiers
  • Expanded Zaporozhian ideas to apply to more Cossack states
  • Fixed an idea for Hatori (Daimyo) that had no effect (espionage idea); now gives a diplomat


  • Fixed significant errors in the muslim piety events

Realm Managment and Government

  • Fixed localization for realm management event detailing finesse of changes
  • Fix an issue where the government type of some free cities was not displayed
  • Fixed an issue where supremacy (for the Emperor of China) was referred to as meritocracy in multiple places
  • Fixed missing pictures/buttons for Iqta government
  • Fixed a logic error that resulted in multiple Janissary modifiers for the Turks


  • 1419 Bookmark for Hussite Wars
  • Mamluk fleet now properly starts in the Mediterranean not the Red Sea
  • Osman has a few more soldiers at start in 1309 bookmark