Version 3.6.2

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Release Information

Release Date: 2018-1-6


General Changes and Fixes

  • Fix On-actions and static modifiers which were causing crashes (already released in the hotfix)
  • Adopt vanilla changes to losing mandate of heaven (legitimacy loss, greater battle damage, possible mercy)
  • Events to replace diplomacy options that previously required acceptance (to get around the bugs PDX has)


  • Rework the Bohemian Crown mechanics; now uses a unique subject type which doesn't need the bugged event to declare war.
  • Bohemian government bonuses now match a standard elective monarchy


  • Forced conversions (deportation and extermination) now take longer in rougher terrain
  • Culture spread from realm management options is now greater (About double)
  • Culture spread now affected by the percentage of surrounding provinces in it's culture


  • Some random events affecting

Realm Managment and Government

  • Fix flags that were causing certain finesse options in realm management events not to appear
  • Fix localisation in realm management finesse


  • 1444 and 1453 Bookmarks now available
  • Fix an error where Venice could have two arsenale buildings in 1419 start
  • Fix Venetian historical subjects
  • Venice now at war with Aquelia in 1419
  • Age of Discovery now fires even if you start after 1400 (wasn't firing since renaissance was already active)