Version 3.6.3

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Release Information

Release Date: 2018-3-24


General Changes and Fixes

  • Taking land from a horde no longer results in base separatism in the province (though separatism can still be added if you reduce the province's freedom)
  • Extensive tweaks to the reformation (including that Anglicans don't immediately become Lutheran now)
  • Setup for the Schmalkaldic League and 30-Years War (now have two separate league wars with potential benefits/losses from each)
  • Reduce possible rivals to 2 (limit the diplomatic problems it causes as the AI still rarely reevaluates)
  • Pretty pictures for the institution tabs!


  • Yuan Monarchy now benefits from most of the same exemptions that Celestial Empire does
  • Angevin Union no longer gives way more accepted cultures than it can handle


  • Fixed an issue where you still had to wait ten years after you finished the integration process
  • Fixed the tooltip for creating client states to accurately say diplomatic tech 46 is needed
  • Lowered the development limit (from 70 to 50) for a personal union to reverse after a defeat in war due to the Kalmar Union constantly turning around
  • Fixed an issue where Genoa would become a tributary of Kipchak


  • Fixed an issue with the papal supporter events where it would have you guarantee yourself
  • Missions in line with the new system; not all the vanilla ones were added yet
  • New system missions added for major GoB submod nations (BYZ, EGY, PER)
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong advisor would publish The Three Kingdoms
  • Fix localisation in the Golden Bull of 1356 event


  • Revolt triggers completely overhauled for a host of issues including Ilkhanate rebels spawning later in the game, Persia never showing up, and Bavarian separatists in Bavaria
  • Fix a Japanese area that wasn't in the Japan region
  • Added unique subject types for the Bohemian Union and Hansa Union
  • Added a bunch of missing cores to Lithuania for the 1419+ starts that was causing them to quickly collapse
  • Tver no longer a vassal of Lithuania in 1453 start (was not supported by historical record)
  • Changed the Sicilian tag so it no longer matches a vanilla nation in East Africa (wrong sprites)
  • Fix a culture that didn't exist in GoB submod
  • Map changes splitting the provinces of Augsburg, Hannover, and Kleves into smaller pieces; also adding Julich, Passau, Durres, and a second province in western Australia (so the wasteland can change color)
  • A few new areas to better accommodate missions