Version 3.7

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Release Information

Release Date: 2018-8-05


General Changes and Fixes

  • New dynastic system; tracks the ruler's family and heirs to determine succession for the throne
  • Tracking battles/sieges won and lost by the ruler and heir for benefits
  • Fixed an issue where Iceland was not available in the Realm Management interface
  • AI will now actually build Jeu De Paume hall if they neighbor a player who isn't boycotting (thus they will actually invite you to play)
  • Boosted cost of HRE reforms (was too easy to unite the HRE too often)
  • Fixed Byzantine ideas having a Theme System modifier (which caused confusion with mission-driven modifiers); now matches with vanilla
  • Significantly boosted trade value available in the game
  • Some missing event pictures added (More to come)
  • Fixed the policy window to line up prettier

States & Territories

  • Significantly reduced overextension values
  • No arbitrary limit for states, instead states vs territories is decided by culture and region
  • minimum autonomy for territories reduced to 50%
  • Sheriff's offices (and higher level buildings from them) are now 1/state (functioning as a state capital); the bonus to stability they provide is dependent on the % of provinces covered by these buildings. Having one of these buildings in a state gives bonus to development growth, culture conversion, stability, and reduces autonomy.


  • Now actually possible to recover a rebellious vassal after the ten-year modifier


  • Converted most vanilla missions; extended mission trees for Venice, Genoa, Aragon and Castile
  • Tuned down the Justinian's Realm modifier for Byzantium
  • Limit events that create colonies to actually check the province is empty first
  • Mission tree for Osman and other Turkish Beyliks; Turkey is now formed by the mission tree not by decision
  • Forming the Netherlands as emperor no longer removes you from the HRE
  • Second option for "Bribes Becoming More Accepted" event


  • Added 1492 and 1508 bookmarks
  • New provinces in Ireland and Scotland; new nations in Ireland (Ulster, Galway, Mayo, Desmond, Ormonde)
  • Movable type starts in the right provinces in the 1453 bookmark now
  • Fixed a localization issue where some province names weren't being replaced (Stockholm in Greenland)
  • Many starting provinces now defined as territorial rather than full cores in keeping with new state system
  • Starting fleets now at 80% instead of 50% of force limit
  • Adjust Toledo subject type for the 1357 start (to facilitate the civil war)