Version 3.7.1

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Release Information

Release Date: 2018-9-11


General Changes and Fixes

  • Compatibility changes for vanilla 1.26 and Dharma DLC
  • Finally restored the Vintage Map submod to working order
  • Fixed the province manufactory view; you can now build manufactories from the provinces and not just the MacroBuilder (HOTFIXED)
  • Put some colors in the tooltip about not being able to make a core to make it easier to note the important words
  • Fixed major calculation issues with the culture spread mechanic that resulted in almost no conversion (HOTFIXED)
  • Now get a small war exhaustion reduction while at war to combat the unbalanced attrition WE (HOTFIXED)
  • Ideas that gave bonuses to max_states now give reduced state maintenance
  • Fixed a localistion issue where the duration of modifiers was not displaying (HOTFIXED)
  • Autonomy can be promoted in any province again, but the action gives less unrest reduction (still same unrest reduction for the total autonomy value)
  • Adjusted requirement for Agricultural Revolution Institution to start (often no grain-producing province in Britain had sufficient development)
  • Fixed calculations that resulted in abnormal/lack of growth in some areas
  • Fixed the fact that Galway and Mayo had no country names

States & Territories

  • Fixed an issue where State Capital buildings would vanish as soon as another buildings was built in the area (HOTFIXED)
  • The emperor can no longer continue to demand the same province while you are waiting to make it a core


  • Senior Union partners who are notably smaller than their junior can transfer their seat of government to the larger nation (e.g. James the I and VI ) via diplomatic action
  • Fixed a balance issue (typo) where 10 liberty desire reduction was only 15 prestige (20 in vanilla; now 25 in VeF)
  • Fix an error where the horde enforcer modifier was never removed from Moscow; even if they broke free or were replaced as enforcer


  • The Naples events related to the Caltabellotta agreement now only give a territorial core on Djerba (if Sicily still holds it)
  • Toledo is restored only as a suzerainty following Juan Manual's rebellion
  • Spanish missions now give claims in N. Africa that do not compete with Portugal's
  • Unique mission branch for Savoy (4 missions)
  • Unique mission tree for Byzantium (36 missions); the "Byzantine Resurgance" events were removed and the bonuses rolled into the tree (HOTFIXED)
  • Unique mission tree for Poland (13 missions); Poland forming the Commonwealth is now by mission not decision
  • Unique mission tree for Lithuania (22 missions)
  • Unique mission tree for Moscow (17 missions)
  • Unique mission tree for Novgorod (14 missions)
  • Unique mission branch for Russian princes (6 missions)
  • All Russia nation formation decisions moved to mission trees/branch.
  • Hire privateers decision is now a policy so it can be turned on/off
  • Fixed some faulty localisation keys in event options
  • Fixed an issue where the event to colonise the Canaries would result in double buildings
  • Osman/Beylik missions now give claims to YOU instead of to Turkey who hasn't formed yet
  • Fix an issue in the French mission tree that required cores you might not get if the HYW doesn't happen
  • Fix an issue in the Moscow mission tree that required colonising empty provinces to wipe out Novgorod

Dynasty System

  • Characters beyond rulers/heirs/consorts can now be defined in history files and appear at startup
  • Now supports the historical definition of Cadet Branches; if your dynasty fails the realm will fall into a Union with a cadet branch before changing dynasties or a random union
  • Military prowess events for the heir and ruler now actually fire
  • Military prowess events added for high negative win/loss ratios (both heir and ruler)
  • Fertility and infertility ruler (and consort) traits/personalities are now taken into account for the birth of heirs
  • Event that suggests sending your wife away to a convent now activates a decision so you can change your mind later if circumstances change
  • Balancing adjustments to the death rates of characters
  • Exempt Elective Monarchy from the dynasty mechanics for now
  • Fixed localisation where the name "No Consort" would appear or the name of a regent would appear in place of the ruler who just died
  • Fixed the order of succession in many places (ruler's granddaughters would be skipped over; ruler's daughters were in the wrong place in the succession order)
  • Reduced the chances a bit for character death


  • A number of Area adjustments
    • Moved Murcia from Toledo to Upper Andalucia area (keep cultures separated)
    • Split Northern Naples between Naples area and Abruzzo area
    • Yotvings area now takes all three Yotvings culture provinces (getting them out of three separate areas that had other cultures)
    • Albania gives up it's southern province with Greek culture to northern Greece
    • Divide Moldavia into Moldavia and Chilia
    • Portugal's two areas are now three (added Lisbon area) for smaller areas
    • Divided North Serbia from Serbia for smaller areas
    • Divided Sofia from Bulgaria for smaller areas
    • Divided Minsk from White Ruthenia for smaller areas
    • Divided Oka from Smolensk for smaller areas
  • Anjou (nation) starts as a cadet branch of France's royal house
  • Achaea starts as a cadet branch of Naples' royal house
  • Fixed an issue where the war definitions for the Hundred Years War could accidentally cancel the next phase of the war
  • Added interim bookmarks Treaty of Troyes (1420) and Duke of Romagna (1503)
  • Any province that does not start with at least a territorial core will start with some separatism at game start
  • Province names in Hispanola are now based on the local tribes there when Columbus arrived; dynamic province names set up for the colonial powers
  • Ajuuraan is now in the correct tech group (was indian should be muslim) (HOTFIXED)
  • Adjusted historical province ownership and subjects in Galich-Voldynia (across multiple bookmarks)