Version 3.7.2

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Version 3.7.2

Release Information

Release Date: 2018-9-19


General Changes and Fixes

  • Dynamic city names introduced; currently only active for a few provinces.
  • No longer possible to call a crusade in 1444 bookmark (since the Crusade of Varna just ended)
  • Human players can now generate a second Anabaptist centre of reformation if they convert after the first one is created by event
  • Converting to any post-reformation faith now earns you the age objective (instead of just Lutheran or Calvinist)
  • Centers of Trade Added
  • Major fixes to legacy governments
  • Tweaked attrition values down
  • Vanilla estates are now added and functional
  • Fix an issue where the policy for a human to resist integration as a vassal was limited to only the 4th stage
  • Fixed some UI issues with the province view
  • Fix a number of bad government names (nogovernmentname or norulertitle)

States & Territories

  • When Integrating/Annexing nations full cores are only created in the proper circumstances now


  • Activated standard estates
  • Culture-based estates for Europe and N. Africa (except for German and Italian)
  • Disaster for culture-based estates at low loyalty.


  • Unique mission branches for Delhi prior to 1345 collapse (10 missions)
  • Unique mission branches for Mamluks (7 missions)
  • Effects of the Declare Reconquista decision moved to the mission tree
  • Fixed an issue where multiple league events could fire simultaneously
  • Integrated Dharma missions
  • Burgundian missions adjusted to make sense for the alternate start
  • Winning the trade wars now gives Venice or Genoa in increase in Center of Trade level

Dynasty System

  • "Cadet Branch" designator now defined as female to prevent making it a general
  • Cadet Branch is now broken if a new dynasty appears in the cadet nation
  • Cadet Branch is now broken if a female rules the cadet nation and the main branch is a Salic Law nation
  • Heir Apparent is now a possible heir where the son of a ruler sits on another throne (e.g. Flanders/Nevers in 1309)
  • Fix an issue where a female inherited and then was also her own heir
  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by a cadet branch inheriting while being a vassal.


  • Anjou now follows a Salic Law succession rule
  • Seats in Parliament now properly defined for post War of the Roses bookmarks
  • Henry Tudor is no longer still running around as a pretender in Wales while also king
  • Moved Maltese to the Latin culture group
  • Savoy now has a full core on Cuneo and only territorial core on Nice in later bookmarks
  • Fixed normal/territorial cores during Delhi's 14th century expansion
  • Fixed normal/territorial cores for Spanish/Portuguese Colonies
  • Fixed normal/territorial cores for later English holdings in France
  • Adjustments to cultures in North Africa (some more maghrebi, some less berber)
  • Labourd is now in the Gascony area (Iberia/France regional border looks right now)
  • Nevers is now an independent county in 1309; in union with Flanders 1322 - 1404
  • Split up a number of areas in Southeast Asia for smaller areas
  • Split Brittany into upper and lower Brittany; added Gallo culture (French group) to Brittany