Version 3.7.3

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Version 3.7.3

Release Information

Release Date: 2018-10-01


General Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed a calculation issue for cultural estates that could result in a CTD (HOTFIXED)
  • Knights now properly get to raid coasts in their idea group (HOTFIXED)
  • Fixed issues related to legacy governments for those without Dharma (HOTFIXED)
  • Fixed an issue where integrating a vassal could give the provinces separatism
  • Abdication is now less costly (20 prestige and 10 legitimacy)
  • Support Heir in Elective monarchies is now 5 prestige for 4 support
  • Lowered the base size of revolts making them less catastrophic for smaller nations


  • New Creole cultures
  • Significant changes to colony growth values
  • Changes to native policies (and the event for non-DLC players) to choose between Displacement, Trade, and Forced Labour.
    • The above policies have a significant impact on how your colonies grow, their religion and culture, and the condition of the provinces in them
  • Large Colonial Nations now cost a colonist
  • Colonial national ideas now provide a colonist in place of development cost reduction in their tradition
  • All colonial nations are limited to colonising in their own region; period.
  • Native Fortified House now gives only 3 forcelimit instead of a whopping 10
  • "New" protectorate subject type
  • Slowed the speed of exploration
  • Fixed an issue where England and France would not take exploration ideas until far too late
  • Treasure fleets now give real inflation again


  • Fixed an issue where Daimyo and Shogun didn't get their stability refund for liberty desire (HOTFIXED)


  • Generic mission tree for Crusader States (13 missions)
    • Unique mission branches for the Knights (7 missions) and Cyprus (6 missions) to go with that generic tree
  • Unique mission branch for Ilkhanate Successors (4 missions) Muzaffarids, Injuids, Chobanids, Jalyirids
  • Unique mission tree for Serbia (15 missions)
  • Unique mission branch for Navarre (3 missions)
  • Unique mission tree for Trebizond (12 missions)
  • Unique mission tree for Russia (21 missions)
  • Expanded unique Mamluk mission tree (11 new missions; now 18 total)
  • Byzantine mission tree now changes some coastal provinces to Greek or Pontian culture