Version 3.7.4

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Release Information

Release Date: 2018-10-19


General Changes and Fixes

  • Added in some missing custom localisation from PDX
  • Black Death now only gives you the country modifier once it hits a core province, not just any province
  • Black Death Resurgence no longer displays a 50/50 chance of nothing or nothing
  • Heirs less likely to die between ages 5 and 12
  • Forcible culture conversion now also changes the religion of the province
  • Fixed an issue where Daimyo could not properly take over as Shogun
  • Fixed an issue where Global Trade Institution might not fire
  • Fixed an issue where a horde would never get the decision to reform
  • Fixed some bad triggers for the Venetian government


  • Unique estates and disasters for Florence under the republic and Medici governments
  • Unique estates and disasters for Papal States
  • Unique estate for Milan for conflict over ruling dynasty from 1302-1312
  • Unique estate for Vicenza from 1309-1312 uprising


  • Generic Mission tree for Italian minors (9 missions)
  • Unique mission tree for Florence (12 missions; 21 total with generic tree)
  • Unique mission tree for Papal State (8 missions; 17 total with generic tree)
  • Unique mission tree for Milan (11 missions; 19 total with generic tree)
  • Unique mission tree for Montferrat (7 missions; 16 total with generic tree)
  • Unique mission branch for Verona (4 missions; 13 with generic tree)
  • Unique mission branch for Pisa (5 missions; 14 with generic tree)
  • Unique mission branch for Naples (4 missions; 10 with generic tree ) with additional for the titular claim to Jerusalem (3 missions)
  • Unique mission branch for Trinacria (4 missions; 10 with generic tree)
  • Unique mission branch for Two Sicilies (4 missions; 10 with generic tree)
  • Unique mission tree for Italy (13 missions)
  • Formation of Two Sicilies and Italian Nation moved from decisions to missions
  • Kingdom of God decision moved to Papal States mission
  • Missions to form Russia now give the right government
  • Missing localisation from Papal estate disaster
  • Fixed overlapping Delhi missions between VeF and vanilla
  • Fixed an issue where Delhi mission was checking for warscore against the wrong nation
  • Fixed an issue where the Parliamentary reform could cause the constant firing of an event
  • Fixed an issue where the Portuguese missions would not trigger the Goa event
  • Fixed Milanese missions and Milan start

States, Territories, and Cores

  • Can now always make a territory a state
  • Cores are only possible in your "homeland" (similar limits to the way states used to be limited)
  • Non-core provinces no longer automatically drift up to 60% autonomy
  • Over-extension no longer happens
  • Territorial cores are temporary to allow states to be made; then they disappear


  • New symbols for suzerainties, dependencies, dominions, French fealties, Russian princes, Russian enforcer, and Papal states.


  • No longer give basic forts at startup once you are already past the military tech to remove them (resulted in them being removed at first event pulse in a new game with later start dates)
  • Divided the Tuscany area into inner and outer Tuscany
  • Added Velletri tag; Velletri is now a Papal State subject from 1309-1589
  • Added Arezzo as a releasable tag
  • Added Padua and Treviso as starting tags; fixed the province ownership in Northern Italy to be correct
  • Trinacria is no longer a vassal of Aragon in the early game; Malta now owned by them until they are inherited by Aragon
  • All provinces in Australia are now actually in Australia colonial region.
  • Cyprus now properly starts as a kingdom