Version 3.8

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Version 3.8

Release Information

Early Access: 2018-10-19

Release Date: 2018-11-02


General Changes and Fixes

  • Papacy now uses the vanilla UI once again; new system for influence and votes
  • No longer get horde enforcer benefits if you don't pay tribute (have to keep trust above 50 with the Horde)
  • Adjusted siege times across the board
  • Adjusted peace UI so you can see the accept/reject symbol while change gold demand
  • Fantasia submod works again

Map Changes

  • Split Vilna into four provinces
  • Split some larger provinces in N. Africa including Marrakech, Algiers, and Tripoli
  • Province of Tripoli (in Lebanon) now actually covers where the city of Tripoli is
  • Split off Safed/Jaffa/Acre province from Jerusalem Province
  • Split up the Balearic Ilsands
  • Additional provinces in Yemen (in line with vanilla)
  • Ethiopia redrawn to accomodate southern kingdoms
  • Split up Yorkshire; rearranged the Highlands to follow borders of some of the major clans
  • Third province for Gallo and Poitevan cultures in France


  • Realm Management interactions for any province owned by a culture estate is now accessed through estate interactions
  • Culture estates expanded to include German, Arabic and Persian cultures


  • Can form the Hanseatic Union tag again (was looking for the wrong government trigger)
  • Added a mission to Lithuania for moving the capital to Vilna
  • Unique mission tree for Ethiopia (10 missions)
  • Unique mission tree for Morocco (15 missions)
  • Unique mission branch for Rassids (4 missions)
  • Unique mission branch for Yemen (4 missions)
  • Unique mission tree for Bulgaria (10 missions)
  • Unique mission branches for Tunis (6 missions)
  • Trebizond missions now properly change defeated Byzantium to Morea not Morocco


  • Lithuania's capital now starts in Kernave and can be moved to Vilna with missions
  • Replaced the tag for Halych to avoid unit DLC conflicts with vanilla
  • 1579 bookmark now avialable
  • Added Ethiopia tradenode
  • Adjusted areas in Norway not to be split around the wasteland
  • Granada is now properly at war with Morocco, Castille, and Aragon in 1309.
  • New tags for Antioch, Tripoli, and Edessa can be released through decisions