Version 3.8.1

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Version 3.8.1

Release Information

Early Access: 2018-11-02

Release Date: 2018-11-16


General Changes and Fixes

  • Nahuatl reforms now require 3 subjects instead of 5 vassals
  • Fix an issue from the Halych tag change that took away their ideas
  • Fix an issue where Golden Horde had no fog of war


  • Culture estates expanded to include Tatar and Altaic cultures
  • Unique Scottish Highland clan estates for Scotland


  • Denmark can now take a decision to enforce the Sound Toll
  • Added a mission for Genoa to take Famagusta
  • Georgian mission tree (14 missions) (For both Georgia and Imereti)
  • Hanseatic Cities mission branches (9 missions) (Lubeck, Bremen, Hamburg)
  • United Hansa mission tree (21 missions)
  • Unique Korea mission branch (5 missions)
  • Unique Hormuz mission branch (5 missions)
  • Ruthenian mission branches (6 missions)
  • Kieven Rus mission tree (18 misisons)
  • Wallachia mission branch (5 missions)
  • Fixed the Daimyo/Shogun missions
  • Fixed Venetian festival events
  • Event to swap missions manually


  • Fixed the Malacca area not being in any region
  • Added Illini, Huron, Shawnee, Chinook, and Pima to the Natives submod
  • Redrew areas around Moldavia, Silistria, and Dobrogea more in line with natural barriers (rivers)
  • Fix Map Positons in Lithuania
  • Fixed a French province that was listed in two map areas