Version 3.8.3

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Release Information

Early Access: 2018-11-30

Release Date: 2018-12-14


General Changes and Fixes

  • Integrated changes for compatibility with vanilla 1.28
  • New tooltip for the Vassal Integration display when a vassal is rebellious
  • Fix several national ideas that were looking for old government types
  • All papal interactions now actually cost their papal influence requirement
  • Age of Discovery objective now checks for the new type of centres of trade
  • Can no longer be excommunicated while Papal Controller
  • Fixed an issue where a random nation could get locked in to always winning papal elections (HOTFIXED)
  • Fixed core system to properly note when a nation is the cultural union (HOTFIXED)


  • Events for generic estates from vanilla added


  • Dynastic system now defines characters so you can see their stats
  • Fixed the definition of consorts when marrying a local nobles so numbers are not always 6/4/5
  • Fix some issues where a male heir might be defined as female


  • Mission tree for Brandenburg (16 missions)
  • Mission tree for Denmark (12 missions)
  • Mission tree for Mecklenburg (14 missions)
  • Mission tree for Norway (16 missions)
  • Mission tree for Pomerania (16 missions)
  • Extra mission for Austria (Total now 20)
  • Italian mission tree now applies to Roman Empire & Republic
  • Trebizond can no longer form Byzantium by decision (only mission) if Byzantium exists
  • Yuan now releases her tributaries when the Ming rebellion breaks out (Tributaries never seemed to figure out that Yuan was weak now)
  • Fix the event related to Portuguese mission in Goa that was giving the wrong province
  • Fix an issue where a nation that conquered the Knights too quickly might get some of their benefits