Version 3.8.4

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Version 3.8.4

Release Information

Early Access: 2018-12-14

Release Date: 2018-12-28


General Changes and Fixes

  • Reduced the dev requirement for the Age of Discovery objective for large city from 30 to 25
  • Fixed an issue introduced in the last patch where native policies weren't working properly
  • Assaults now do more damage to the actual garrison numbers
  • Can now take primacy when a nation you've had a personal union with for at least 40 years has a nation in union under them (transferring that subject to you)
  • Siblings inheriting the throne now transfers their children
  • Pregnancy flags now transfer when characters move around after the heir inherits
  • Colours defined for cultural estates (makes the mapmode easier to read)
  • Can no longer enforce religion on the Bohemian union
  • Fix shipbuilding interface


  • Mission tree for Brittany (20 missions)
  • Mission branches for Luxemburg (12 missions)
  • Mission branch for French Fealties (5 missions)
  • Mission branch for Flanders (4 missions)
  • Mission branch for Swiss minors (2 missions)
  • Fix an issue where Florentine construction missions tried to add a province modifier to the country


  • Empire rank governments now receive an extra colonist
  • Fixed some port locations and travel paths in N. Africa (Tripolitania)
  • Fixed some army locations in Ethiopia