Version 3.8.5

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Version 3.8.5

Release Information

Early Access: 2018-12-28

Release Date: 2019-01-11


General Changes and Fixes

  • Fantasia submod updated for 1.28 and new core system
  • Age of Discovery objective for non-Europeans now requires 5 subjects generally not 5 vassal-stage subjects
  • Western Schism restored to working order


  • Fixed an issue where Medici bank events would never fire
  • Adjusted transition from Turkish minor missions to major Turkish missions
  • Overhauled major Turkish missions; added missions for trade (4 missions)
  • Overhauled Portuguese missions; added a number of new colonial missions (12 missions)
  • Unique Granada mission tree (22 missions)
  • Overhauled English missions; added a number of new colonial missions (16 missions)
  • Fixed a wrong province in the Denmark mission for duchy of Rugen


  • Hordes now use the dynasty system
  • System now calculates the total stat value of all stored heirs for comparison

Setup & Map

  • Divided south Spain areas of Lower Andalusia and Andalusia into Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba areas
  • Fix unit position in the Crimea
  • Fix the text position for Awal (Bahrain)
  • Divided Philippenes areas (added Visayas and South Luzon)
  • Split New Guinea into two areas
  • Fixed an issue where a ruler of Achaea was born 100 years too early
  • England and Portugal no longer historical friends at start (linked to Portuguese missions)