Version 3.8.6

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Version 3.8.6

Release Information

Early Access: 2019-01-11

Release Date: 2019-01-25


General Changes and Fixes

  • Adjusted colonial growth downward across the board.
  • Fixed Government Reform bonuses (Dharma) to not grant additional states (which aren't useful in this design) and rebalanced a few modifiers
  • Adjusted base cost of Government reforms up
  • Fixed the Papacy interface not properly updating when bonuses are selected
  • Fixed the Western Schism not being properly cleaned up if it went all the way to Council of Constance


  • Mission branch for Irish minors (4 missions)
  • Mission tree for Ireland (16 missions)
  • Mission branch for Brabant (4 missions)
  • Mission branch for Holland (5 missions)
  • Mission tree for Netherlands rearranged and added 8 new missions
  • Mission tree for Mali (16 missions)
  • Fixed an exploit that could result in England's territorial cores in Scotland never being removed.
  • Removed a required Turkish mission that doesn't exist


  • Iqta governments now use consort mechanics and get heirs like everyone else (as there seems to be no good reason not to)
  • Daimyos now follow a semi-salic succession to encourage male inheritance
  • Fixed an issue where the inheritance of a great-grandchild would cause problems when new characters were generated
  • Fix an issue where newly released nations wouldn't get the variables set properly for royal family ages

Setup & Map

  • Redrew and added some areas in West Africa
  • Fixed an issue where two provinces were missing from south Indian trade company
  • Fix an issue where some nations in Indonesia couldn't see their neighbours at start
  • Fix an issue where ships in a Yemen provnce were parking inside a mountain