Version 3.8.7

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Release Information

Early Access: 2019-01-25

Released: 2019-02-08


General Changes and Fixes

  • Adjusted Stability calculations to account for devastation and state/core changes; corrected the stability tooltips
  • Church estate no longer applied to Confucianism
  • Significant rebalancing to Institution Spread
  • Moved around coring range bonuses to facilitate more cross-Mediterranean coring
  • Fix released nations not getting dynastic values initialised


  • Daimyo mission tree expanded (9 new for a total of 16 missions)
  • Japan mission tree expanded (8 new for a total of 14 missions)
  • France mission tree expanded with colonial missions (10 new for a total of 24 missions)
  • Sweden mission tree overhualed (12 new, 2 removed for a total of 18 missions)
  • Persian mission tree (13 missions)
  • Small Timurid tree (5 missions) to aid historical expansion.
  • Rice crop fails event now changes national stability variable instead of directly -1 stability
  • Fixed a missing picture in Granada's mission tree

Setup & Map

  • 1618 Bookmark For Thirty Years War
  • Fix Monastic Orders having no government name
  • Redrew areas across Manchuria, Siberia, and Central Asia to eliminate many large (>5 province) areas
  • Fixed Byzantium and Persia being Duchy rank at the start of GoB submod