Version 3.9

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Release Information

Early Access: 2019-02-22

Scheduled Release Date: 2019-03-08


General Changes and Fixes

  • Added Industrial Revolution institution for 1800
  • Added ages for Upheavals and Imperialism; rearranged some age dates and moved some abilities/objectives around (Mandate of Heaven DLC)
  • Spread out admin efficiency gain across the technology trees
  • Lower the cost of releasing nations and returning cores in peace; raise the cost of revoking cores in peace.
  • Rebalanced some idea sets (particularly standing/drafted army) and changed some modifiers to newer ones in other idea groups (religions, innovative, artillery)


  • Decisions to make trade companies in India, Indonesia, and China into more Colonial-Nation-Like entities which operate autonomously
  • Added Hong Kong mission to English missions
  • Staple Port decision is now more flexible

Setup & Map

  • Provinces added for Hong Kong, Phocaea (Anatolian coast), Cephalonia (Ionian island), Orda (Nogai), South Georgia Island(South Atlantic), Luanda (Congo), Niani (Mali), Ostrava (Moravia), and three provinces in Sri Lanka
  • Redrew areas in Greece, Nogai, Bohemia, South China, and Sri Lanka to accomodate new provinces/split up large areas
  • Added new resource Alum