Version 3.9.1

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Release Information

Early Access: 2019-03-15

Release Date: 2019-03-29


General Changes and Fixes

  • Fix Name of Age of Upheavals triggered modifier
  • Updated the core tooltip with some checkmark and X icons to make the situation clearer
  • Added government reforms (Dharma) that give reduced development cost to the passive growth calculation where they were missing
  • Fix resource icons in the trade view not lining up


  • Fix an issue where the Portuguese missions kept getting out of order
  • Updated the Red Turban Rebellion events to reflect more historical outcomes more frequently
  • Mission tree for Yuan (18 missions total; some are only effective before/after the Red Turban Rebellion)
  • Mission tree for Ming (13 missions)
  • Mission trees for Xi, Zhou, and Shun (12-14 missions)
  • Fix India Trade Company and VoC events to account for new autonomous trade companies


  • Papal States now properly starts as part of the War of the League of Cambrai in 1508 bookmark.