Version 3.9.4

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Release Information

Early Access: 2019-04-26

Release Date: 2019-05-10



  • Updated viewing foreign dynasties; no longer requires using a diplomatic action all the time. Instead, use it once to add/remove them from your tracked list (up to five countries tracked) and then use decisions to view those dynasties at will.
  • Dynastic viewing (own and foreign) now supports different colours for married vs. unmarried characters (not used yet, but important for future dynastic work with marriages)


  • Noble'Church/Burgher estate disasters now use a scaled loyalty comparison to determine the influence at which their disaster fires
  • Disasters now much easier to end (also based on sliding scale of loyalty and influence); once ended the net stability change for a nation will be -1 (instead of -4 from vanilla)
  • Generic culture estates are now capable of forming dynamic nations if rebelling
  • Cache of flavour events for generic culture estates


  • Byzantine land ownership now starts mostly 60 citizen / 20 nobles instead of mostly 80 citizen