Version 4.0

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Release Information

Release Date: 2020-07-05


1.30 Changes

  • No more ownership buildings
  • Freedom and serfdom buildings now removed (serfdom controlled by nobility estate privileges)
  • Removed cultural estates
  • Reworked core/states system
  • Replace bureaucracy system with Governing Capacity

General Changes and Fixes

  • Added minorities system to track cultural and religious minorities in provinces
  • Added a decision for Byzantium to abandon Bithynia in 1309 start
  • Shogun who yields to Burghers will cease to be Shogun and another will take his place
  • Sufi Shrine modifiers now removed if a province converts religion


  • Revamped tradenodes
  • There are single-province endnodes dotted around the globe at major ports
  • Trade can be redirected from any region to any other region of the globe through intermediate nodes


  • Trebizond mission to ally a Georgian country now fulfilled if in a union with them
  • Added missions for Schleswig, Holstein, and Kiel


  • Redraw S America in the north and west to properly spread the population
  • Added Blois and Salins to France
  • Added Neopatras to Greece (with tag)
  • Added Philadelphia to western Anatolia (with starting tag)
  • Added Menemen to western Anatolia
  • Added Traungau and Innviertel to Austria
  • Added Kiel and Dithmarschen to Holestein area (with tags)
  • Fixed that some provinces in India were not in the India colonial region
  • Yazd is now Zoroastrian at start