Version 4.0.1

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Release Information

Release Date: 2020-07-19


General Changes and Fixes

  • GoB and Fantasia submits updated to 1.30
  • Restored overextension mechanic
  • Fixed Incan nation being impossible to form due to wrong religion requirement
  • Fixed native missions improperly showing up for a lot of people
  • Fixed Latin Empire formation decision being available at the same time as the mission for some crusader states
  • Fix horde/tribal events firing for everyone
  • Fixed old culture/religion modifiers being left on a province after a culture change

Governing Capacity

  • Can no longer make states until the second day of the game (to allow all setup functions to properly calculate)
  • Reduced costs for territories and territorial cores
  • Fixed territorial cores having fixed autonomy that made them objectively worse than non-cores
  • Fixed Congo starting with negative capacity
  • Taught the AI how to use seize land under the new system


  • Fixed various errors in the trade node setup


  • Fixed some province values not having been refactored
  • Fixed some late-game policies being unavailable due to improper government triggers